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‘Hex Capacitor’ Chainmaille Pendant


These funky pendants are made with a stainless steel frame and your choice of stainless steel rings, black steel rings, or a variety of colors of anodized titanium pattern rings. The design is based on the Hoodoo Hex chainmaille weave, and was originally developed by Jenifer Lauren Martinez. Each pendant comes with a custom-made stainless steel chain with a matching stainless steel lobster clasp; standard length is 18″ but you can request a shorter or longer chain length.


Silver stainless steel, Black stainless steel, Dark blue anodized titanium, Light Blue anodized titanium, Brown anodized titanium, Teal anodized titanium, Purple anodized titanium, Rainbow anodized titanium

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Rainbow Hex Capacitor Pendant‘Hex Capacitor’ Chainmaille Pendant
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