Byzantine Beaded Bracelet


Bronze Byzantine chainmaille bracelet with Tortoiseshell connector beads & heart-shaped clasp

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This chainmaille bracelet is woven in the classic Byzantine pattern using 9mm Tortoiseshell-colored glass donut beads for connectors to provide a subtle contrast and a little sparkle among the bronze square wire jump rings. A delicate heart-shaped lobster clasp connects the ends. As with any item made with glass components, you should take reasonable care while wearing it. The glass beads I use are high quality, but if you abuse the bracelet they WILL break!

Standard length of this bracelet, including clasp, is 8 inches, which gives a loose fit on an average wrist. If you have a small wrist or would prefer a snugger fit, I can shorten it by removing one or more pattern repeats. Removing one repeat will shorten the bracelet by approximately 3/4 inch. To allow me to determine the appropriate number of repeats to remove, measure around your wrist using a flexible tape measure. Enter your wrist measurement in the Notes section of the checkout page, along with whether you prefer a looser or tighter fit. Note that I cannot promise an exact measurement because of the nature of this design.

Bronze is a copper alloy, so the metal of this bracelet will naturally darken or patina over time. Most people enjoy the effect of the patina, but if you want to restore the original color of the bronze after a time, you can use a good quality copper cleaner on it, or a mixture of vinegar and salt, or even cheap ketchup (yes, cheap ketchup; save the good stuff for your french fries!) to clean it. Make sure you rinse it VERY well after cleaning.


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