Bronze Jens Pinds Linkage 3 Chainmaille Bracelet


Jens Pinds linkage 3 (JPL3)  chainmaille bracelet in bronze.

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Simple but classy! This bronze chainmaille bracelet is woven in the Jens Pinds Linkage (JPL) 3 pattern, which is one that you don’t see every day because of its finickiness. The rings used are just on the edge of being too tight, so it has a very definite stiffness to it, allowing it to sit close to your wrist & stay out of the way as you work. It closes with a bronze toggle clasp from Saki Silver, a fair trade company. Total length is just under 8 inches, but as with most of my bracelets, it can be shortened to your desired length. If you want a longer version, please contact me for a custom order.

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