Past Work

The work displayed below is no longer for sale. If you are interested in a similar item, feel free to contact me to see if I can create something just for you.

Blue & white Kazuri bead earrings
Kazuri bead earrings
Bronze chainmaille & lampworked glass bead bracelet.
Bronze & Lampworked Glass bracelet
Gothic Choker -- black and silver chainmaille with blood red glass heart
Gothic Heart Choker
Stainless steel GSG chainmaille neckchain
Stainless Steel GSG Neckchain
Sterling silver Helm Flower earrings
Sterling Silver Helm Flower Earrings
Watch key earrings
Watch Key earrings
Little red borosilicate glass heart pendant
Little Red Heart Pendant
Caramello borosilicate glass heart pendant
‘Caramello’ glass heart
Blue borosilicate glass heart pendant
‘Blues’ glass heart
Bright leaf borosilicate glass pendant
Bright Leaf Pendant
Bronze & stainless steel HP4-1 neckchain
Bronze & Stainless Steel Half-Persian 4-1 Neckchain
Amber borosilicate glass heart pendant
Amber Heart Pendant
Caged borosilicate glass marble pendant
Caged marble pendant
Japanese flowers sterling and anodized niobium earrings
Japanese flowers earrings
Bronze Byzantine earrings with leaf charms.
Byzantine leaf earrings
Caged Stone Steampunk Pendant
Steampunk Pendant
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