New beads 7/25/15

I finally dug my way through my studio to my torch this week, thanks to cleaning out the office closet for some added storage. Any time it’s been a while since I’ve turned on the torch, I kind of wonder if I’ve lost my touch in the interim. So I didn’t try anything tricky last night; I started with a couple of twisties, and then used them for some basic beads of various sizes and shapes. I only burned through one mandrel, a 1/16″ one while making three beads on it, but I actually managed to save all three of them. These haven’t been cleaned yet, since I wait until I have a big ol’ batch to do before I sit down to clean them all at once.

The tiny ones are for fellow artist Polly Becton (Treasures From the Sea). She uses some of my beads as accents in her seashell jewelry, & I had promised more earring beads to her some time ago. I don’t have any plan for the larger ones yet, so I will just have to see what they become.

Beads made 7/25/15 (not cleaned)
Beads made 7/25/15

Mermaid Pendant Chain — Work in Progress

Mermaid pendant chain for Momilami, in progress
Mermaid pendant chain for Momilami, in progress

At TribalCon, a fellow dancer and professional mermaid (yes, there is such a thing!) asked if I could make a new chain for her beloved mermaid pendant. It had to stand up to both salt water and chlorinated pool water as well as be strong enough to hold the pendant. The pendant itself is Tibetan silver and carved bone, so the only real possibliity for the material was stainless steel. She liked the look of the Full Persian weave, so I’m creating a graduated Full Persian chain in square wire stainless steel. The square wire rings do make the piece heavier but their strong edges enhance the carved look of the pendant itself.

In this picture, I just have the back part of the chain to go, but have realized that I have no clasp that will be strong enough to hold it, so it is going to be a continuous, slip-over-the-head chain.