About Me

I have been  making lampworked glass items since May, 2005, after a half-day workshop as part of a “girls’ weekend away” showed me that you actually could play with fire and glass at home. I spent several years making nothing but beads, and began selling my beads in March, 2007, at one of the local bead shows, when I realized that I really was creating more beads than I could use myself.

Although I still work occasionally with “soft” soda-lime glass, my love is borosilicate, a.k.a. “hard,” glass. I am  fascinated by its unpredictability and the wide range of color you can get from a single rod of glass, especially when you combine it with clear glass. Since I like to work “hot and fast,” as it were, boro suits my style perfectly. I have added off-mandrel pendants as well as tiny blown vessels to my repertoire, but it is still all torch-made.

I taught myself chainmaille several years ago, when I was looking for something to combine with my beads to create unique jewelry. Plus, chainmaille is far more portable than flame and glass, let’s face it. Discovering the square wire rings that I use most often simply reinforced that choice. Additionally, I have taken metalsmithing classes with Kim St. Jean, giving me a wide range of techniques that I can use to bring forth my jewelry vision.

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