New and Improved Eyes!

Well, I was told it was going to happen eventually, and it has. The cataracts I had developed worsened to the point of rather abruptly needing surgery. I went in one morning for my annual eye exam, only to walk out with a referral to a cataract surgeon. On the way to lunch, I called to schedule an evaluation, only to be told that they had a cancellation and could see me in a couple of hours. I’m no fool — I jumped on it (note: I do not recommend two eye exams in one day because all the bright lights will almost certainly give you a not-so-lovely headache). Surgery on the first eye was scheduled for the following week, & the second eye two weeks later.

Right now I’m between surgeries. They did the “bad” eye, my non-dominant one, first, and holy moly! The difference!! So much clearer and brighter, and the surgeon was even able to correct my astigmatism in the process! Two days until the other eye, and I can’t wait to see the difference there!

Obviously this IS affecting my workflow right now, since things are weird with one eye corrected & one not. I can tell that focus & colors are OFF, which is a little limiting. I’m not catching up on listings right now because I can’t get the precise vision I need for photo editing, so it will be a couple more weeks before I get any new listings up. I WILL need magnification for close-up work from here on out, so that Optivisor that’s been sitting unused on a hook will finally get some love & attention. Until my eyes heal up, I’ll just focus on cleaning the studio so that I’m ready to get back to work when the time comes.

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