A Happy Customer

On Saturday at the Piedmont Park Arts Festival, a mother and her young children stopped in to my booth on their way to the pool. They looked at some of my pendants, and then asked if I had any stars. I showed them my chainmaille Celtic Star pendants, but they were just too big. The mother explained that she was looking for a star pendant for her four-year-old daughter, whose beloved necklace had broken.

Well, of course my adult-sized pendants were going to be too big for a four year old! But I had an idea — I showed her the stainless steel Northern Star earrings I had, and asked if a pendant the size of one of those stars (about an inch in diameter) would work. She thought it would, and her daughter liked the look of them, so I offered to make a special one for her while they were at the pool if I wasn’t swamped with customers.

It was busy, but I got it made, putting in the last rings just as they came back from the pool. We put it on one of the leather cords I get from Valerie Stickles, a short gray one, and placed it on her daughter.

Happy Young Customer
Wearing her custom-made Northern Star pendant

I think she’s pleased. In fact, when the family came back to the pool on Sunday, she insisted on coming by my booth to thank me again, with a big smile on her face. Plus, as an artist I have to enjoy the fact that her mother was willing to buy her a custom, handcrafted piece of art rather than a imported mass-market trinket!

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