Spring Festival on Ponce

Our 2012 outdoor show season started this past weekend with the Spring Festival on Ponce, put on by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces. We could not have asked for better weather over the weekend, though a little less breeze might have been appreciated since our drapes kept blowing around and the banner kept trying to hit Julia in the back of the head!

We had our same spot from the summer show, between a large tree a lovely planted area, rather convenient to the portable toilets and the Food Court — always important! Our neighbors Diane Dean and Jennifer Ingram were pleasant company, and we stayed well-fed courtesy of S & J Woodfired Pizza (YUM) and the King of Pops. On Saturday Andrea brought her current foster Great Pyrenees, Buster, to show him off and socialize him while raising awareness of the breed. Buster was certainly a hit — everyone wanted to greet and pet him, which drew attention to our tent, of course.

Saturday afternoon there was HUGE excitement through the festival grounds, as a small contingent of VIPs made their way along the pathway — several large intimidating gentlemen in suits and with earphones surrounding…former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn. We did not actually get to speak with them, being busy with customers, but it was exciting to know that they were there! Later on in the afternoon Andrea and Buster did get to speak with civil rights movement icon Congressman John Lewis (D-GA).

One of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution photographers was out taking pictures and asked if he could shoot some at our booth. We didn’t make the newspaper, but we DID make the AccessAtlanta photo gallery for the festival:

The Olmstead Linear Park is just a beautiful venue for an art festival. Add in a beautiful spring weekend and crowds of people admiring our beads and jewelry and what more could we want? The only bad thing that happened was when three containers of Julia’s jump rings took a nosedive onto the turf and a number of the compartments popped open — jump rings ALL in the turf! We got most of them up, but what a mess! Julia will be, no doubt, sorting rings for WEEKS to come.

We love doing the AFFPS shows because Patrick Dennis and Randall Fox do such a great job of organizing the events and take good care of their vendors. So here’s another shout-out to them — thanks, gentlemen!!

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