Playing with maille on my break

Between shows, our teaching jobs, occasional commission orders, and everything else, neither Andrea nor I have had a lot of time to make anything for ourselves. So I, at least, am taking advantage of the holiday lull to do so. I have had a couple of chain maille kits from Blue Buddha Boutique sitting in my drawer for months now, so I pulled them out yesterday. I don’t often get kits any more, but I had gotten these two because both weaves use a variety of different rings, and the kits were the quick & dirty to get exactly what I needed to try each one out.

After looking at the tutorials to refresh my memory about what each one looked involved, I decided I’d start with the Glass Caterpillar bracelet. Mine has copper rings, hematite glass rings, and blue iris beads, and I’m liking the contrast as it goes together. I have to say that putting together the center part of the bracelet was easy-peasy, but now that I’m going the edging down the sides it’s a little more challenging because things are tightening up.

Once I get this one done I’ll switch over to the Cylon kit, which is going to be very different for me color-wise — jewelry brass and copper for the chains, and BBB’s Fire Mix (reds! yellows! oranges!) for the connector rings. I’m not sure what possessed me on that one, unless I was trying to break out of my normal blue/purple/green color rut, perhaps?

I’m excited about having a couple of awesome new pieces for myself. I just am not sure, though, what I am going to do if someone tries to buy either of these right off my wrist like that customer did at the September bead show with my European 4-1 stainless steel cuff! Oh, right, and I have to make another one to replace that also — then I guess it’ll be back to production for spring.

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