Violet Hex Capacitor Pendant
Great Southern Gathering Rainbow Niobium chainmaille bracelet
Blue Kazuri bead earrings
Bronze Turkish Roundmaille Chainmaille Bracelet
Rivoli Pendant Trio
Handcrafted artisan jewelry, for cosplay or everyday

Noctua Designs

Noctua Designs, LLC, located in Marietta, GA, is the artisan jewelry source for you if you cosplay, if you don’t want the mass-produced items you see on everyone else, if you want quality handcrafted products at an affordable price.

Not all items that Noctua Designs makes are available online. To see the full selection, please visit Noctua Designs at an upcoming festival or market.

Shop the online store or place a custom order.

Learn about processes and products; see custom orders that others have commissioned; peek at my thoughts about being a very small business.

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